I love the simple mundane things in life, green tea, avocados, bubble baths and hiking through the wilderness. I love capturing memories with photographs, ancient history, long intense workouts, and of course fresh fruits and veggies. I love Jesus, my Catholic faith and my tight-knit group of friends and family I hold dear to my heart. But the thing I love the most is my independence and sense of purpose I have imagined for myself. A countless number of souls have asked why in the world I would apply for the Peace Corps at 25, as if implying this is the time in my life I should find myself a husband or pushing towards establishing my career. While I am beyond thrilled for my friends who have found this path, I have accepted it is not mine. I was born to travel and to help others –  to experience humanity in the rawest sense – to live amongst those whose cultures spawn far beyond my own. My purpose in life is to show those around me the beauty of humans from across the globe and the struggles we all face as humans. My intent is to show you all the beauty (and hardships) that come from travelling and volunteering abroad in Morocco over the next 27 months. Thanks for taking a look! 


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